You are away

You’re not gone. How could you be? When true love lives on? You were true, to me.

James Whitcomb Riley once wrote “I cannot say, and I will not say that he is dead- he is away”

Likewise I can’t say that you died, it just doesn’t feel right. I can’t even say that you’re resting, because that would mean accepting that you’re not conscious. But you are aren’t you? You’re well aware that you’re away. I can feel you, I can really feel you in every sweet fragrance I come across, I feel you in the silence, I feel your kiss in the warmth of the sun and can feel your voice in the wind without actually hearing your whispers. I know you are away and your absence hurts me. I know you are away and I wish I could hold your hand one last time. Just one last time. Hear you say you love me one last time. Just one last time. I know you are away, your peace resides in the vibrations of my soul when it dances. The cold rain on my face is like a warm embrace, I feel you holding my chin up when it rains, and how I pray for rain. Just to feel you holding my head up, as it brings you back from being away. I miss you most when I see that you’re here but so far, its the distance of you being away that breaks me, to reach out my hand and know that you reach yours out as well, and while they overlap they never touch. My heart is jealous that you have been able to move on without me. But I find peace in knowing that your life goes on beyond this, this world that I’m stuck in. But you’re not gone, you may be away but I am never without you. We live in the same time and space, just completely different dimensions, different worlds. You are away but you are here. Our memories are glitter that is sprinkled into the sweet moments of my life. And it shines. When I find the strength to smile I sparkle because of you. You are with me, as part of me is you. And yes you are away, but wait for me darling as this journey without you is just me well on my way back to you.

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